Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Faculty Call on UC to Settle with UAW

Over 250 faculty from across the University of California have signed a petition to UC President Janet Napolitano supporting a fair contract with the union representing graduate Teaching Assistants, graders and readers. The petition is posted on the UC Santa Cruz Faculty Association website. It reads in part:
Although encouraged by recent settlements with some union-represented employees, we are dismayed by the failure of University leadership to come to an agreement with the Student-Workers union. Increasing class sizes and inadequate graduate student support are issues that concern us all. Last fall, many UC department chairs wrote to their deans of graduate study, concerned that relatively low pay for graduate student workers was threatening the quality of their graduate programs. As well, good labor relations are integral to our ability to carry out the core mission of the University of California.
We urge you to negotiate in good faith with the Student-Workers union and to settle with a contract that gives our graduate student TAs, Graders, and Readers the respect, wages, and work climate they need and ought to have.
Read the full petition and sign on if you support it here:

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