Sunday, May 18, 2014

Listen to the Regents Afternoon Meeting of May 14, 2014

We continue our preservation of audios of the Regents meetings, this one from the afternoon of May 14.  This one involved routine audits of the University - not too exciting - and the Committee on Grounds and Buildings.  Grounds and Buildings, as we have noted numerous times, is where the money is - but where the governor (who is always making a fuss about efficiency and cost savings) never seems to be.  As we have also noted, the Regents - absent an independent capacity to scrutinize capital budget requests and results - end up rubber stamping whatever is brought forward.  Did they really look carefully at the very lengthy environmental review brought forward by UCLA.  Was that review really just about moving some campus zone boundaries with no further hidden agenda?  Who knows?  Not the Regents, in any case.

You can hear this meeting at:

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