Monday, May 12, 2014

UCLA Seems to Agree With Henry Ford Concerning the Faculty Center

Ford said that history was bunk.  When it comes to naming the Faculty Center an historical structure, UCLA seems to have the same attitude.  Of course, we all remember that the last time this issue came up, UCLA had plans to demolish the Faculty Center and built its (now moved) Grand Hotel on the site. 

From the Daily Bruin:

The Los Angeles Conservancy is advocating for the UCLA Faculty Center to be named a historic resource, despite opposition from UCLA officials.  The Office of Historic Resources of L.A. recommended to label the faculty center as a historic monument in February because of its unique ranch-style architecture and history. But, as UCLA is on state land, these recommendations are only advisory and the state holds the ultimate decision in the center’s fate...

Although the center is not currently in immediate danger of being demolished, officials at the Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that works to preserve the architectural and historical resources of the city, said they want to preserve it from such a fate in the future. The Conservancy first intervened with the UCLA Faculty Center in 2011 when the university was planning on demolishing the center to build a hotel and conference center. After protests from faculty and residents, officials decided to build the center is the place where Parking Structure 6 was previously. The university is opposed to this formal recognition of the building, according to a January letter from UCLA’s campus architect, Jeffrey Averill, to Office of Historic Resources of L.A...

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