Thursday, May 22, 2014

Listen to the Regents Meeting of May 15, 2014

Below is a link to the audio for the Regents meeting of May 15.  As noted many times, the Regents - for no good reason that anyone can determine - "archive" recordings of their meetings but only for one year.  So we preserve them indefinitely to make up for Regental negligence.  Doing so requires an actual recording of the meetings, i.e., an hour of meeting time involves an hour of recording time.

Nonetheless, we persevere.  The meeting on May 15th started with public comments.  Issues that were raised included concerns about the UC budget, a decline in the TA-to-student ratio, a proposal for a tax credit to employers who provide paid student internships, and complaints about anti-Israel student politics at UCLA. 

There was a lengthy presentation on the health enterprises on UC campuses and the financial challenges.  Governor Brown seemed skeptical that the needed cost savings to meet these challenges could be achieved.  A budget for UCOP was approved.  All committee recommendations were rubber-stamped.  Finally, various statements of recognition were read.

You can find the audio at:

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