Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Sterling Affair: Just One More Thing

This blog has had several postings about the Donald Sterling affair and his donation to UCLA complete with ad in the LA Times.  As noted, UCLA has returned the donation.  However, in today's LA Times, there is an article about the connection between Sterling and the local NAACP chapter.  The chapter's leader and his history of (shall we say) "indiscretions" is the central point of the article.  However, we do find this tidbit:

The chapter had recently been talking to Sterling about giving an endowment to Los Angeles Southwest College and donating more money to African American students at UCLA. (Underline added.)

The full article is at

"More money" suggests another prior donation to UCLA.  Was there such a donation?  If so, is it being returned?  Was there some discussion with UCLA about more money?

Seems like some loose ends here that remain to be tied up although this suggestion may not be entirely welcomed:

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