Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The governor's obsession

Was he wearing this?
We noted yesterday in a posting analyzing the May Revise budget submitted by the governor that the governor seemed to have the university on his mind.

When asked a question about the funding of the court system, he lumped higher ed with the courts in his response although the question was just on the courts. Seems like a gubernatorial obsession with the university.  Thereafter, a reporter did raise a higher ed question - about the U of Penn grad student report about which we have also blogged - and the governor continued.

You can hear his response at the link below.  It runs from minute 14:30 to minute 19:46.

Despite the governor's May Revise and remarks, a UC spokesperson is quoted in the Daily Bruin saying that UC hopes to get more from the legislature than the governor is proposing.  See:

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