Friday, May 9, 2014

Park in Westwood or no parking in Westwood?

From the Daily Bruin:

Westwood Village parking spots may soon get a makeover, if city officials approve an application to install a “parklet” on Kinross Avenue. The proposed parklet is a small extension of the sidewalk onto the street that provides the amenities of a park such as benches, tables and a garden. The space would take the place of existing street parking, drawing mixed reactions from Westwood business owners and residents. The Westwood Business Improvement District, known as the BID, submitted an application for the parklet last week to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation...

Merchants in Westwood expressed mixed feelings about the parklet, and some didn’t even realize that the project was in the works. Muriel Chastanet Fine Jewelry owners Muriel Chastanet and her daughters, Charlotte Chastanet and Gizelle Stohkendl, said they had not yet heard of the parklet from the BID. Muriel Chastanet said she thought the parklet installment would benefit some businesses with a beautiful sidewalk, while putting other businesses at a disadvantage by taking away parking and decreasing foot traffic. Stohkendl said she thinks parklets are a good idea in theory, but not at the expense of parking spots, which are already scarce in Westwood...

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