Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New LA Register Targets Block

You may not know it but there is a new newspaper in town (since mid-April), the Los Angeles Register, and affiliate of the libertarian-leaning Orange County Register.  The OC version has a long history but was more recently taken over by an entrepreneur who emphasizes old-fashioned print newspapers and who charges for access to much of the OC edition website.  So far, the LA version has been free on the web (and yours truly has yet to come across a paper version). 

In any event, the new LA paper takes on a proposal by UCLA Chancellor Block to create a new diversity-related course that was rejected by the Academic Senate earlier.  Excerpt:

No means no. That’s the message UCLA’s faculty has sent – three times – to administrators fixated on adding a “diversity course” requirement to the university curriculum.  Yet here they go again. Chancellor Gene Block is pushing the idea with renewed vigor and stale, predictable talking points. Supposedly, ethnic relations on campus are so in need of repair that only a compulsory class in officially recognized “diverse” subjects can do the trick...

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