Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You can get your meds from Kaiser after all

In a blog post last Saturday, we noted that a strike of pharmacists might take place as early as Monday, thus impeding access to meds by Kaiser subscribers.  The latest info, however, suggests that the strike will not take place.

A strike that would have shut down Kaiser Permanente pharmacies statewide Monday was postponed as hospital officials and union representatives negotiated.

Some 1,430 pharmacists working for Kaiser facilities across Southern California planned to strike if a deal wasn’t reached, said Robin Borden, president of the Guild for Professional Pharmacists. Instead, talks continued on through Sunday night. “Negotiations between Kaiser and the Guild for Professional Pharmacists last night made some progress, and the Guild agreed to postpone its strike scheduled for 7 a.m. to June 2,” Borden said. “We need to continue our momentum and are hopeful that if movement continues we can reach a fair and equitable agreement that advocates patient safety without resorting to a strike. We don’t want our patients inconvenienced.”...

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