Thursday, September 17, 2015

What we thought might happen did

Good luck, new committee
The Regents today apparently didn't like the tolerance/intolerance resolution before them and so created a committee to come up with something else at some indefinite date in the future. What that something else might be, however, is - to say the least - unclear.

The UC regents on Thursday withdrew controversial “principles against intolerance” and launched a new effort to rewrite policies that would more forcefully address anti-Semitism and other biases on campuses, while trying also to protect free speech. The move, announced by UC regents Chairwoman Monica Lozano, came after several regents complained that the proposed principles were so vague as to be worthless and that any new policy needed to be more specific about what constitutes bias against Jewish and other students. Additionally, they were concerned about how to possibly punish violators with potential suspensions or expulsions. Some Jewish groups criticized the original policy for not including a definition of anti-Semitism that includes the demonization of Israel.  

Lozano announced the formation of a new eight-person committee — of regents, the student regent, a faculty leader and others — to take a new crack at crafting stronger and more specific policies “consistent with the principles we heard about academic freedom and the condemnation of certain acts of intolerance against any group.” Regent Eddie Island will head that panel. No time frame was set for the completion of its work and officials said it could take many months...

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