Monday, November 27, 2017

Texas Problem

From Inside Higher Ed: Should outnumbered men feel uncomfortable on college campuses? That’s a highly charged question hanging over Texas after remarks last week by the state’s commissioner of higher education. The commissioner, Raymund Paredes, commented before Thanksgiving on the fact that some campuses in Texas have student bodies that are 60 percent women and 40 percent men.
“We’ve been told by some presidents that we’re getting to the point where males feel uncomfortable on college campuses, on some college campuses,” Paredes said...
​Paredes declined during a telephone interview last week to share which college presidents have told him men are feeling uncomfortable on their campuses. But he reiterated that he was referring to groups of students that are financially at risk or less prepared for college than others.
“They are obviously going to feel uncomfortable if they don’t see many people like themselves on a university campus,” Paredes said. “I didn’t mean to suggest that we were at a crisis point, but I meant to suggest that a lot of people think we’re getting there.”...
In case you're wondering:
"University of California--Los Angeles has a total undergraduate enrollment of 30,873, with a gender distribution of 43 percent male students and 57 percent female students."
(So far, nobody has suggested UCLA has a crisis.)

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Anonymous said...

According to
The undergrad numbers are 17786 F and 13152 M (57%F), but the grads flip the other way 6060 F, 6965M (47%F).

The combined total (including interns and residents) is 24491 F 20873 M (54%F, 46%M)