Friday, March 11, 2016

Why the UC Prez May See It Differently from the Press & Legislators

From the San Francisco Chronicle (editorial):

The resignation of UC Berkeley School of Law Dean Sujit Choudhry in the face of a sexual harassment lawsuit only addresses half of the outrage in this case. His boorish pattern of behavior, as described in the lawsuit by a former executive assistant, was unacceptable for anyone with a sense of decency — let alone someone with even a rudimentary understanding of workplace law. He needed to go...

Meanwhile, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has been facing calls for her resignation after disclosures that she had been receiving $70,000 a year as a board member for the group that operates the controversial for-profit DeVry University and another $420,000 over three years as a board member for a college-textbook publisher. She resigned from the DeVry board this week. It’s incredible to think Katehi, who receives a $425,000 state salary, would not recognize the unseemliness of putting the imprimatur of a UC chancellor on a reputed diploma mill or taking six-figure sums from a textbook publisher. She, too, must go.

From the Sacramento Bee:S

A second state legislator has called on UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi to step down, citing reports in The Sacramento Bee that she served on corporate boards and received outside pay.
Assemblyman Evan Low, D-Campbell, a member of the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee, issued a written statement earlier this week calling for her to step down. “Recent revelations show that Chancellor Katehi has received an outside compensation of $420,000 on top of her already hefty taxpayer -funded executive pay,” Low said in the statement issued Tuesday. “She was also engaged with a board that is being investigated for false claims regarding their students’ success...

But also in the Bee:

A wealthy real estate investor and grateful patient of the UC Davis Health System has given a $38.5 million gift for eye research and treatment, marking the biggest individual donation in the university’s history, according to officials. Donor Ernest E. Tschannen , 91, underwent eye surgery at UC Davis after noticing in 2000 that his eyesight was failing due to glaucoma. The successful treatment prompted him to donate $25 at first to the university, he said. He then followed it up with a $1.5 million gift, which the university used to hire a new optic nerve researcher and bolster efforts to find a cure for glaucoma. He then upped the ante with a $37 million donation, about $18.5 million of which will go directly toward to the soon-to-be-built Ernest E. Tschannen Eye Center...

It just depends on how you look at things:  [Won't work in iPhone.]

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