Friday, March 4, 2016

We are about to test an old saying - Part 2

It appears it is not just UC-Davis (see yesterday's post) that has a PR problem:

UCLA community protests professor's punishment for sex harassment: $3,000 fine and 11-week suspension

Criticism Mounts Over UCLA's Handling of Sexual Harassment Claims Against Professor

At UCLA, Anger Builds Over Pending Return of a Professor Accused of Harassment

Students call for professor involved in Title IX lawsuit to be fired

Editorial: UCLA failed to properly punish professor involved in Title IX lawsuit

UCLA allows professor in ongoing Title IX lawsuit to resume teaching

UCLA Students Protest Light Punishment for Prof Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Protests Escalate As UCLA Continue With Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment

UCLA Community Protests Professor’s Punishment for Sex Harassment: $3,000 Fine and Quarter Off

UCLA students, staff protest history professor accused of sex harassment

All of the above items appear to result from disclosure of a settlement agreement that became available on the web at

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