Tuesday, March 1, 2016

UC-Davis Chancellor Just Got Spritzed

When UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was named last week to a $70,000-a-year board seat overseeing DeVry Education Group, public-interest groups and Assemblyman Kevin McCarty were stunned.
Katehi stepped into a situation fraught with problems, they said, as for-profit institutions such as DeVry face increasing scrutiny from federal officials for possibly deceiving students about job and earnings prospects. They questioned why she would bestow the stature of the University of California on a for-profit institution facing serious questions.
Today, Katehi plans to resign from the post, according to her UC Davis spokesman, Gary Delsohn.
The decision came after Katehi received letters from McCarty and a group of public interest organizations expressing concern that the chancellor would take a post with an organization under examination by the FTC and U.S. Department of Education, the latter of which has told DeVry that it risks losing student aid money if it continues to make claims it can not substantiate...
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