Friday, March 4, 2016

We are about to test an old saying - Part 3

UC Berkeley has been reclassifying master’s degrees from “academic” to “professional” in a little-noticed drive that lets the university charge more for the programs — doubling or tripling the price, in some cases — while officially maintaining a tuition freeze across the University of California. University records examined by The Chronicle show that in the past five years, UC Berkeley has reclassified 20 master’s degrees at nine graduate schools, collecting millions of dollars more from students despite the tuition freeze that has been in place for California residents — graduate students and undergraduates alike — across the UC system since 2011. Before then, just six master’s programs charged the extra money. In all, almost one-fourth of UC Berkeley’s 113 master’s programs now charge elevated tuition. “Professional degree supplemental tuition” adds thousands of dollars to the base tuition of $11,220 that graduate students pay each year. UC Berkeley officials say the supplemental tuition from the 26 graduate programs raised $62 million last year alone...

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