Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just one more thing (which is one good thing)

We've probably said enough for now about the bad things that emerged from the Tier 3 pension. But there is just one more thing to be said - which is a good thing. Above is a table from the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO). Blog readers will know that the LAO for a long time took the position that the UC pension was somehow just a responsibility of the Regents and that the state had no liability for it. Indeed, it convinced the legislature at one point to take that odd position officially. But since payments have been going from the Prop 2 rainy-day fund into the pension as part of the Committee of Two deal, LAO has retreated and reversed. As the table shows, LAO now includes UC along with CSU (which is part of CalPERS) as a state responsibility on the pension side (or else why would it be eligible for Prop 2 funding?). In fact, LAO goes further and includes UC as eligible for Prop 2 funding for retiree health (as is CSU under CalPERS).

You can find the table above at

We'll keep track of that one more thing in case LAO or the legislature forgets about it at some future date:

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