Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No out-of-state enrollment cap

UC Nonresident Student Cap Stalls In Legislature
A push to limit nonresident enrollment at each University of California campus has failed its first vote at the state Capitol.
Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) argued his bill is necessary to ensure California students can attend the UC.
“The notion that nonresident students help increase access for California students – the math just doesn’t add up,” McCarty told the Assembly Higher Education Committee on Tuesday.
But Asm. Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara) said the UC has no choice but to accept more out-of-state students because they pay higher tuition.
“The Legislature and the governor massively cut UC and CSU funding, and yet we have sort of expected that there wouldn’t be dramatic, bad consequences,” Williams said. 
The measure failed by a few votes. McCarty’s office says he’ll narrow the bill’s focus so it applies only to the Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Diego campuses and try again in the coming weeks.

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