Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Omission

Something's been left out
The UC prez has been selling her pension plan since March 9, although it was released officially yesterday, according to the story in the Sacramento Bee. She apparently discussed it with the Bee's editorial board on March 9. And it seems the Bee was willing to withhold the story until there was an official announcement and full press (no pun intended!) PR campaign on the 11th of March.

We'll leave the discussion of journalistic judgments to someone else and just point out something that is never stated explicitly in the PR campaign (or the Bee article):

If the new plan "will save nearly $1.5 billion" over the next 15 years, it must be a net degraded plan compared to what is now offered, a simple point that we have pointed to in past postings. QED.

You can find the Bee article on the plan at

We wouldn't want to disturb the love fest at the Bee editorial board with nasty questions, would we?:

PS: If you need evidence of the love fest that occurred, here is the Bee's editorial on the UC pension:

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