Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy Meeting of the Regents

The Regents will be dealing with two contentious issues on the opening day of their meetings next week (March 23). One is the pension matter about which we have posted:

The other is the intolerance/anti-Semitism resolution that was rejected at an earlier meeting and has now returned in more specific terms:

See also

It also appears that UCLA has had to settle a claim by a building contractor involved in construction at Santa Monica hospital to the tune of $44 million:

The afternoon sessions that day are closed. One involves "Discussion of Approval of Outside Professional Activities for Senior Managers" which sounds a bit like what has been happening regarding the chancellor's board memberships at UC-Davis.

The next day (March 24) there is a proposal - at this stage for planning money of $3.4 million - for an addition to the UCLA Anderson School above parking structure 5. No estimate of the total cost - which is to be supported by outside fund raising - is given.

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