Thursday, March 10, 2016

More on Davis' DeVry-Gate "Mistake"

Our previous post featured the views of the UC prez on Berkeley's Dean-Grope scandal. She seems to have a different view about the Davis chancellor's DeVry-Gate affair:

...Despite the fact that (UC-Davis Chancellor) Katehi accepted the DeVry seat without Napolitano’s approval, the UC president said calls for her resignation aren’t appropriate. Instead, she said the “mistake” will be factored into the chancellor’s next performance review.
Katehi earns $424,360 a year as chancellor of UC Davis, where she has served since 2009.
Napolitano called Katehi a good chancellor and said that her resignation from UC Davis would hurt the campus. “It’s not easy to find replacements for good chancellors, and she is a very good chancellor,” Napolitano said...
Full story at:
Anyone can make a mistake

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