Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Not again!

An assistant coach fired by UC Berkeley trapped a sports reporter in a garage last year and “talked about oral sex,” says a campus report released Tuesday that concluded Yann Hufnagel violated the university’s sexual harassment policy.
The redacted 23-page report upholds the unidentified reporter’s complaint that during 2014 and 2015, the assistant coach also texted her repeatedly with sexual innuendos and, when she refused his advances, denied her access to information she needed to do her job. Hufnagel was the unofficial press liaison for the men’s basketball team, according to the report, which says the reporter was “let go” by an unidentified employer because she couldn’t do her job.
Hufnagel’s “conduct was objectively intimidating, hostile, or offensive — repeatedly propositioning (the reporter) for sex and, in some cases, suggesting that her participation in sex with (him) would grant her greater access to parts of the sports world in (his) control,” concludes the report...

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