Sunday, March 27, 2016

Somebody seems to be on a short leash starting on April Fools Day

University of California President Janet Napolitano announced new steps Saturday to closely monitor UC Berkeley's handling of sexual misconduct cases following outcry that campus administrators gave light sanctions to powerful faculty members found to have sexually harassed students and staff.
Napolitano said in a statement that UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has agreed to provide written reports to her office on campus progress in combating sexual misconduct and would meet monthly with her beginning April 1.
Napolitano has also assigned Jody Shipper, the systemwide director for sexual misconduct issues, to work full time with Berkeley to make sure that complaints are investigated quickly and equitably. Shipper will work with the campus at least through the end of the semester, Napolitano said.
"I am happy that Chancellor Dirks agrees that these issues demand concentrated, effective measures," Napolitano said in a statement. "We both believe UC Berkeley needs to bring the same focus and competence to its handling of sexual assault and harassment investigations as it does its education and research missions."...

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