Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finding the Culprit

From the Mercury News:
The regents who oversee the University of California have hired former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno and law firm Hueston Hennigan LLP to investigate how the system’s central office handled what were supposed to be confidential surveys sent to campuses as part of a state audit.
The audit, which showed UC failed to disclose $175 million in funds and paid administrators lofty salaries even as it prepared to raise tuition, showed that campuses removed criticism of the UC Office of the President, led by former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, from survey responses seemingly at the direction of central office officials.
That revelation caused the auditor to throw out the responses as tainted and sparked outrage among lawmakers in Sacramento, with even some Democrats calling on Napolitano to step down. At a meeting in mid-May, the regents defended Napolitano but agreed to retain a law firm or other consultant to help review the allegations...
I wonder if Moreno can find whoever it was:

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