Sunday, June 11, 2017


Yours truly came across an op ed in the Daily Bruin complaining that many faculty are not aware of the BruinCast option at UCLA.* And, indeed, yours truly was not aware of it. Basically, it is a system run by the Office of Instructional Development (OID) in which - from selected classrooms only - lectures can be video and audio recorded with access to the students enrolled provided. As it happens, when you go on the OID-BruinCast webpage to find out about the system, although there is a lot of descriptive material, if you try to access a course to see what the recordings look or sound like, you get a message saying that you have to be an enrolled student.** I did find one course, which although it was supposed to be "locked," gave me access. I won't say which it was, but you can see an image above taken from a screenshot of the course.***

Anyway, if you didn't know about BruinCast, now you do. Note that if you are not in a classroom equipped for BruinCast, it is pretty easy to audio record lectures and put them on your course website. Video is more complicated, but if you have PowerPoint-type slides (as in the image above), you can audio record the lecture and then sync the slides with the audio in various programs. The resulting video can then be put online or on the course website.
***I also found that the video from the class shown in the image would not work in Chrome, but would work in Internet Explorer, although I had the right program in Chrome that was supposed to work.

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