Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good Idea

In earlier posts on this blog, yours truly urged the powers-that-be not to create yet another faculty "training" program - online or otherwise - in light of the state's new sexual harassment/assault law for higher ed.*  Such programs are expensive, a boon to consultants in some cases, and the evidence that they change behaviors is lacking.  What faculty do need is a simple sheet or online source of referral services and their phone numbers in case students ask for guidance.

As such, yours truly was happy to see this excerpt from a Daily Bruin interview with Chancellor Block:

...In response to a question about his letter responding to a state audit that found UCLA’s sexual assault educations to be insufficient, Block discussed his views on sexual harassment training for faculty and staff. In Block’s original letter, he said that he thought that more sexual assault training for faculty and staff could desensitize those who go through sexual assault education programs. On Monday, he said he thinks that repeatedly giving people information is not always beneficial and that in-person training tends to be expensive, but online training can sometimes seem repetitive and uninteresting for those taking it. He said that there is no clear best methodology for sexual assault and harassment training...

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