Friday, October 10, 2014

O'Bannon Ball Keeps Rolling

As we (repeatedly) have noted on this blog, the ball linked to the O'Bannon case (named after a former UCLA athlete) keeps rolling along:

A pair of lawsuits arguing that the NCAA illegally caps college scholarships will move forward, a federal judge ruled on Thursday. Judge Claudia Wilken, who in the landmark Ed O’Bannon trial this summer opened the door for college players to be paid, denied a motion by the NCAA and 11 athletic conferences to dismiss the suits. In one of the suits, well-known attorney Jeffrey Kessler is arguing that players should be able to be paid as they would in any free market. In the other, plaintiffs led by former West Virginia running back Shawne Alston want an injunction against NCAA scholarship limits and class-action damages. Both argue that the NCAA is breaking the law with limits that cap scholarships at less than the cost of attending school...

Nothing to do but let the ball roll:

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