Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Other Cap-and-Trade Program (for UCLA courses)

The Bruin indicates that students have worked out what amounts to a cap-and-trade program to enroll in hard-to-get courses that are oversubscribed. Yours truly can't tell you more about it except that it appears to operate through Facebook.

Facebook buy and sell groups cannot cover for class overenrollment issues

Leslie Landis, 1-20-29

If you thought buying a spot in college was the only monetary transaction happening in the University of California system, you thought wrong. Most students at UCLA have experienced not getting into the classes they want. But for students who don’t get into classes they absolutely need, they may turn to alternative ways to get those spots. And Facebook has provided those alternatives. UCLA class pages are regularly swarmed with posts from students offering a sum of money in exchange for a spot in a full class. The amount offered can vary from $15 to $300...

According to an email statement from UCLA spokesperson Ricardo Vazquez, acquiring courses in a non-sanctioned way, such as on Facebook, is a violation of the Student Conduct Code and may result in a student being referred to the Student Conduct Office for review if they are caught engaging in this activity. Despite the risks, many students do exactly that. A second-year psychology student who wished to remain anonymous posted on Facebook last quarter, trying to get into Statistics 13 and Chemistry 14BL – both of which are popular classes for her major and many other STEM majors. She said that despite knowing the risks of posting on Facebook, she had to do so because UCLA left her no other option...

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