Sunday, October 11, 2015

UC Cash

From the LA Times: As they consider ways to improve university revenues, campus administrators point to the life-saving hepatitis B vaccine, the nicotine patch that helps smokers quit their habit and the tasty Camarosa strawberry. Those patented innovations, all pioneered at the University of California, have earned the school system, and the faculty who developed them, more than $500 million...

UC statistics show that UCLA inventions produced the most income in the system in 2014, nearly $39 million; UC San Francisco was second, at $23.3 million; UC San Diego third, about $20 million. They were followed by UC Davis, $11.5 million; UC Berkeley, $6 million; UC Irvine, $5.3 million, and the rest in smaller amounts. In general, that revenue was returned to the campus where the invention was hatched — but after reductions. 

(But then comes the buried lede.)

UC officials said $58 million in total was left for the campuses after subtracting legal costs, other expenses and the standard 35% given to the faculty inventors. The net amount is a small part of UC's overall $26 billion operating budget, which includes massive medical centers. "This is not a financial solution for the woes of the university," said William T. Tucker, the UC system's interim vice president for research and graduate studies...

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