Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pressure Mounts to Lift Cap on UC Student Health Insurance

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and nine other members of Congress are urging the University of California to lift its caps on student health insurance - limits that for the rest of the country are illegal under the Affordable Care Act and that jeopardize students with catastrophic medical problems. "It is troubling that the health plan of one of the world's most prestigious university systems would not adopt this industry standard," the representatives wrote UC President Mark Yudof last week. "UC students and student workers should have access to the same health-care protections that millions of other students, student workers and Americans already enjoy," said the letter from California's Democratic representatives, including Pelosi of San Francisco, George Miller of Martinez, Barbara Lee of Oakland, and Anna Eshooof Palo Alto.

More than 7,000 UC students have signed a petition, while hundreds have loudly protested the coverage limits that cap out at $400,000 on eight of the 10 UC campuses. Limits are higher at UCLA and UC San Diego - $600,000 and $750,000, respectively - where students pay more for that privilege...

We have previously posted about this issue which comes about because UC self insures - and thus is exempt from a requirement to have no cap.  See:

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