Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The DA Contest Will Likely Continue

From Patch newspapers:

As ballots continue to be tallied from last week's election, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey fell below the 50% mark in her reelection bid Tuesday, moving her closer to an increasingly likely November runoff against former San Francisco D.A. George Gascón...

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We earlier posted about this contest back on Feb. 11. Below is an excerpt:

Yours truly might note in addition something discussed in earlier blog posts. LA County DA Jackie Lacey is running for re-election and has a significant opponent in George Gascón. Lacey's predecessor as DA brought a criminal case against a UC faculty member for a tragic lab accident that should have been dealt with as a civil case. It was hoped that when Lacey was first elected she would take a different approach to that matter which she inherited, rather than pursue the criminal case, which at one point sought to charge the entire Board of Regents. Instead, she went ahead with the case as it stood. UCLA defended the faculty member and eventually the case largely dissipated and was settled. But in the course of the DA's efforts, another faculty member was charged in a totally-unrelated case on spurious grounds that were eventually dropped. It appeared that the DA's strategy at the time was somehow to hold the second faculty member as a kind of hostage to push for some kind of deal on the lab case. If that was the strategy, it failed. The bottom line here is that you might want to consider this history in making your choice in the DA race. We previously posted links whereby you can trace the history of this matter at:
Assuming there is a runoff in November, we will periodically remind readers of this information.

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