Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Secret Meetings

The Regents' presidential search committee had a closed-door meeting yesterday in Sacramento.* Or rather, they had three back-to-back closed-door meetings, according to the agenda. (See the image accompanying this posting.)

Meeting #1 was described as "Consideration of Matters Pertaining to Presidential Search." Not much to go on there!

Meeting #2 was a bit more revealing:
"Consideration of Matters Pertaining to Presidential Search with the Academic Advisory Committee." If you are wondering about the Academic Advisory Committee, its members are:

  • Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara (Chair)
  • John Powell, Law, UC Berkeley
  • Barbara Spackman, Italian, UC Berkeley
  • Linda Bisson, Oenology, UC Davis
  • Oladele Ogunseitan, Public Health, UC Irvine
  • Sandra Graham, Education, UCLA
  • Sean Malloy, History, UC Merced
  • Mary Gauvain, Psychology, UC Riverside
  • Sarita Echavez See, Media and Cultural Studies, UC Riverside
  • Javier Garay, Mechanical Engineering, UC San Diego
  • Steven Cheung, Otolaryngology, UC San Francisco
  • Henning Bohn, Economics, UC Santa Barbara
  • Christina Ravelo, Ocean Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
Meeting #3 returns to the cryptic "Consideration of Matters Pertaining to Presidential Search."

One wonders if some of the discussion involved the denial reported on earlier on this blog of the prez of Arizona State University that he was a a candidate for the UC job.** Is someone leaking?

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