Sunday, March 1, 2020

Remember the UC Dispute With Elsevier? Lots Don't

Remember the UC Dispute With Elsevier? If you have forgotten, you are not alone. Apparently, not many UC folks have been inconvenienced by the decision not to subscribe on Elsevier's terms.

From the Bruin:

The UC’s contract with the publisher Elsevier, which owns over 2,960 journals, expired Jan. 1, 2019, after contract negotiations stalled. Elsevier terminated the UC’s access to recent articles published in its online repository ScienceDirect in July, but the UC still retains access to all Elsevier articles published before 2019...

UC polled researchers about the split with Elsevier. The poll, which was conducted online and closed Feb. 21, asked UC affiliates to rate their support for the separation. It also asked them about the impact on their work and what alternative resources they use to access published research.

Apart from the poll, UCLA Library has received little feedback from researchers and faculty following the termination of the contract, said university librarian Virginia Steel. “I expected to receive a lot of comments, but I only got maybe six emails,” Steel said. “There were more supportive emails than there were comments about concerns. … It’s been really quiet.”...

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