Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just a Suggestion


Since Gov. Brown felt free to muck with the UC pension, perhaps he would like to add $780 of pensionable income to all new hires in Tier 3. Why $780? Read on:

Gov. Jerry Brown, the architect of stiffer public pension laws three years ago, has again reached a state labor agreement that uses an accounting trick to add money to some state employees’ retirement accounts.
The tentative contract with the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association:
1. Eliminates the requirement that covered employees pass fitness tests to receive a $65 monthly physical-fitness incentive payment.
2. Rolls the $65 a month into base pay.
3. Makes the $780 per year pensionable income – and subject to future bargained pay raises. Under Brown’s 2013 pension law, fitness pay doesn’t count toward retirement benefits.
4. Voilà! Loophole created.
The California Correctional Peace Officers Association negotiated a similar provision into its new contract in April...

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