Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shooting reported at UCLA engineering; lockdown in progress

Two people are dead following a shooting on UCLA's campus Wednesday morning, the LAPD confirmed to Patch. A suspect has not been found or apprehended, UCLA Police said, and authorities are considering the possibility that one of the dead males was the shooter.
The school is on lockdown following the shooting at an engineering building on campus. Several law enforcement agencies, including the ATF and LAPD, were on the scene.
The city of Los Angeles is under a citywide tactical alert; Warner Elementary School, Fairburn Elementary School and Emerson Middle School were placed on lockdown as a precaution.
"The LAPD is continuing a methodical search of the campus and surrounding areas; however, no additional suspects have been seen," an LAPD statement said. "Also on scene is the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAPD is actively engaged in securing the safety of students and surrounding community."
The shooting was reported to police at 10:03 a.m.
A student on campus who identified herself as Carrie told Patch via text message that she learned about the lockdown via social media.
"All is ok for now," she said. "Just a bunch of scared students."
Carrie said most of the students were only hearing reports by word-of-mouth, and updates from the school were sparse. Finals week is next week at UCLA, Carrie told Patch, although some students are taking them early this week.
"My advice would be if you are on campus to shelter in place until law enforcement has advised you otherwise,”Capt. Andy Nieman told NBC News. “So stay away from the campus if you are not there. And if you are on campus, find a secure place. Lock yourself in and standby until you hear from authorities.”
Amid the confusion, some students and faculty members found themselves holed up in rooms without locks and doors that open outward so that they couldn’t be barricaded. Some engineering students quickly rigged a locking system, using belts, rope and furniture to keep themselves safe.

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