Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Listen to the Regents Governance Committee Meeting of June 22, 2016

As part of the Regents' restructuring of their committee functions and procedures, there were several off-cycle meetings this month. The link below is to the Governance Committee which is preparing proposals for the July meeting of the full Board. This meeting popped up suddenly; if you listen to the recording, they go through a bit of legal stuff to OK having a session without the usual pre-announcement.

There is a lot of reference to "transparency" and the need for it including a statement that everything in the future will be archived. As blog readers will know, your truly has had to record sessions in real time in the past because the so-called archiving that the Regents do has a one-year duration. And the actual recording files have not been made available - only a stream. In this case, although no video was recorded, the audio was available as a file. Since unless the Regents announce a new policy of indefinite archiving rather than one year, we will keep doing our own archiving. But we continue to urge the Regents to archive indefinitely.

The Committee opened with public comments, entirely from anti-vaccination folks. Then in got into the proposals to implement new Regents procedures. One issue, for example, is the current practice that any single Regent can put an item on the full Board agenda. The original proposal was to maintain that rule but to clarify that the UC prez and the chair of the Regents would determine the scheduling of such agenda items. However, there was sentiment to put some kind of hurdle into the process such as requiring a majority vote before an item proposed by a single member would get on the agenda.

You can hear the audio of this meeting at the link below:

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