Monday, June 6, 2016

More on the Katehi Matter

There is more detail on the Katehi matter in a local Davis newspaper.* But it would seem that the goal of Katehi and her reps is to be allowed a graceful exit rather than have an investigation provide grounds for firing. Note that Katehi is technically still chancellor, although "suspended." A compromise alternative to marching through an investigation and then to litigation would be for Katehi to resign as of, say, June 30 - we are almost there anyway - and for UCOP to come up with some statement that while Katehi showed poor judgment, she accomplished good things for the campus. Katehi has already acknowledged poor judgment.

If the goal is to "prove" who is "right" - Napolitano or Katehi - then this matter can drag on for who knows how long and with mounting costs. But if the UC prez can get herself to see that her real goal has already been accomplished - Katehi is not going to be chancellor of Davis - then a face saving deal can be reached.

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