Friday, June 3, 2016

And the money will come from...?

Clinton backs limiting foreign, out-of-state students in California colleges
Hillary Clinton backed a plan on Thursday that would limit the number of foreign born and out-of-state students who can attend California state universities.
The California Assembly approved that plan on Wednesday, allowing the University of California system to restrict the number of non-Californians to 10% of total enrollment by the fall of 2022.
"One of the things we are going to is get the cost of college down and I heard just today that the legislature in California is going to limit the number of foreign students," Clinton said at a community conversation at a Mexican restaurant in Perris, California. "I have to say, I approve of that."
    Clinton said the reason the number of non-Californian students increased in recent years is because they were willing to "pay the full cost."
    "But we have got to get back to using public colleges and university for that they were intended," Clinton said. "If it is in California, for the children in California. If it is in New York, for the children in New York."...
    On second thought...  But maybe there was no second thought.

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