Friday, June 24, 2016

Victory for Common Sense: UC-Irvine DID walk it back

We said in a posting yesterday that UC-Irvine needed to walk back a decision to quasi-suspend the campus' Republican club. Yes, we noted, there were technical issues of whether what was done was literally a suspension but whatever it was, folks across the political spectrum were upset.

We're happy to report that common sense prevailed. There is now a news report that the action - whatever you want to call it - was reversed, "pending appeal."* Our next suggestion: If everyone involved is smart, the appeal process can take a long, long time and ultimately end in nothing.

Now, how about our earlier suggestion that some quiet mediation be used to deal with the Chancellor Katehi affair at Davis without worrying about determining who - Katehi or Napolitano - was "right" in that matter?


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