Thursday, June 23, 2016

Court to UC-SD: More Due Process, Please

Not good enough for government work
Courts have been skeptical of the due process provided by universities to accused students in sexual assault cases. Such cases, of course, may involve criminal behavior and should they be adjudicated in external courts, strict rules of due process would apply there. Cheating on an exam, however, is not a criminal matter, although it warrants disciplinary measures in a university setting.

Now a court has indicated in a cheating case involving a UC campus that a preponderance of the evidence standard - a type of process often associated with controversial sexual assault cases - is insufficient, at least at a public-sector university.

Inside Higher Ed carries a report on a cheating case that ended in expulsion at UC-San Diego. With regard to the handling of the case by campus authorities, the judge said, I think there’s a word for that. It’s called stacking the deck.” Details at:

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