Friday, June 10, 2016

D-Day (Due Day) for State Budget is June 15

The constitutional deadline for the legislature to pass a state budget is June 15. According to the Sacramento Bee, the governor and the Democratic leaders (Republicans are not needed to get a simple majority) are in the process of negotiating a deal.

Despite the fact that those born on June 15 are supposed to be open and communicative (see image), there is no word on the fate of the proposal to deny pension funding for UC if it insists on retaining a defined contribution option in its revised pension plan.

You can find the Bee's report on what is known at:

UPDATE: An AP report contains the following info:
The (budget) agreement also provides an increase in funding for higher education. University of California would get $144 million more than its current budget, but $19 million of that would only be available if UC schools enroll at least 2,500 more California residents and the UC Board of Regents adopts a policy capping enrollment by out-of-state students. "We count on the UC regents to really notice this is a strong, bipartisan issue," said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento. "We think this goes a long way to expand enrollment, student access, and we look forward to the response from UC."

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