Tuesday, June 21, 2016

She's not taking their call

If they come for her phone, she could use one of these.
Katehi refuses to turn over cellphone, iPad to UC investigators
Suspended UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has refused to turn over her university-issued cell phone, iPad and laptop to the UC Office of the President for use in its ongoing investigation of her conduct.
UC officials have contacted Katehi and her representatives several times a week to ask the chancellor to surrender the electronics as part of its investigation into allegations she misused student funds, favored relatives in her employ and misstated her role in the hiring of consultants to scrub her image and the school’s online.
“This is standard in every investigation,” said Dianne Klein, spokeswoman for the University of California.
Katehi spokesman Larry Kamer said the chancellor isn’t turning over the equipment because it could contain communications legally deemed privileged. “If the Office of the President is trying to deny her right to private and confidential communications, they are in for a major fight from us,” he said.
Katehi, who has been on paid administrative leave since April 27, has denied any wrongdoing and is fighting her suspension by UC President Janet Napolitano. Findings from an investigation into Katehi’s actions by former U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag are expected to be delivered to Napolitano by Aug. 1.
The chancellor will hold onto the equipment until the university agrees to let her remove emails, texts and other messages she and her advisers deem privileged, Kamer said. The messages in the “privilege log” could include those from her lawyer, doctor, medical provider, priest or husband, he said. The messages are cataloged in case they need to be reviewed and ruled on by a judge.
Kamer said the creation of a privilege log is standard procedure in investigations.
Katehi is willing to use a third party to oversee the process but isn’t willing to let the university’s staff decide what is privileged and what is not, Kamer said...
There is something to be said for giving up your phone:

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