Friday, June 10, 2016

Pension Pending

Michael Meranze provided us with a link* to issues resolved and still pending between the Assembly and the Senate versions of the state budget. Here is the listing related to UC as of yesterday:

Conference Compromise
Issue 10: University of California
1) Increase above Governor's Budget of $18.5 million General Fund, for a total increase of $143.9 million ongoing General Fund above 2015-16. The $18.5 million will be released in May 2017 if UC enrolls 2,500 more residents by 2017-18 and the UC Board of Regents adopts a policy capping nonresident enrollment.
2) Adopt Trailer Bill Language to increase the number of undergraduate resident students admitted to UC who are from high schools that enroll 75% or more of unduplicated pupils (low-income, English learners and foster youth).
3) $20 million one-time General Fund for student outreach and student support services for low-income and underrepresented minority students, including students who are enrolled in LCFF Formula Plus schools.
4) $22 million one-time General Fund for UC Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. Budget Bill Language stating that funding distribution and program details will be determined in pending legislation.
5) Senate version on state audits of UC.
6) $2 million in one-time General Fund to support equal employment opportunity activities plus reporting language regarding faculty diversity and how funding was spentpilot program to work with districts that have identified areas needing improvement.
7) $4 million one-time General Fund to support the UC Scout program to provide California students and teachers free A-G course materials aligned to California state standards.
8) Senate version on firearms violence research center ($5 million one-time General Fund), nonresident admissions standards, Charles Drew Medical School.
9) Assembly version on reporting on outside compensation for executives, cost of instruction, and increasing degree production to meet future state workforce needs.
10) Rescind Assembly and Senate action to provide $6 million General Fund for graduate student enrollment.
11) Adopt Trailer Bill Language eliminating the sunset date of the UC Subject Matter Projects.

Issue 11: UC Proposition 2 Funding
Assembly recommends approval of budget bill language stating that $171 million in Proposition 2 funding will be distributed to UC if UC rescinds defined contribution pension options.

Thus, it appears that still pending was the proposal not to fund the UC pension if UC persists with offering a defined contribution option in its new plan.

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