Sunday, October 18, 2015

Exciting Contest!!!

The cartoon above pokes fun of Gov. Jerry Brown's age in connection with the renovation of the old governor's mansion in Sacramento. Gov. Reagan refused to live in the mansion - reportedly because his wife objected. It was closed and some private fund raisers had a new one built. Note that Jerry Brown as a student and Jesuit-priest-to-be had lived in the old mansion when his father, Pat Brown, was governor. But Brown Jr. refused to live in the new one as governor after being elected in 1974, and the new one was sold. No one has lived in the old one since Reagan's refusal. Now Brown is planning to move into the renovated building. See

So here is the contest. The center upper panel [click on the cartoon to enlarge so you can see details] shows Brown looking at his old room. His collection of LPs has an album that says "Stone Ponies." Why? If you know, email with your answer and win acclamation on this blog!

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