Sunday, May 2, 2021

The UC Prez on Use of SAT Scores for Admissions

We have been posting excerpts from UC president Michael Drake's comments on various issues to groups of emeriti and retirees (CUCEA and CUCRA) on April 28. One issue raised was UC admissions policy with regard to use of the SAT and ACT. The use of these tests was dropped for the current admissions cycle, resulting in a significant increase in applicants. Drake did not expect that UC would return to using the tests in the future. 

One related matter which he did not touch on is that when you do something to raise the number of applicants, but not the number of available slots, the university ends up sending out more rejections, which complicates matters from a PR viewpoint for a public university. When their kids receive rejections from UC, parents are likely to be less supportive of state support to UC. The dropping of the SAT/ACT permanently was not the original recommendation from an Academic Senate study of the effect of such a decision.*  

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