Saturday, May 22, 2021

3% Coming Soon (but less soon for faculty)

From an email circulated yesterday afternoon:

To:  Faculty and Staff
Dear Colleagues:
In recognition of everything that UCLA employees have done to keep our institution moving forward this past year, we are very pleased to announce that all eligible, policy-covered UCLA faculty and staff will receive a 3% increase to their base salaries. 

This increase will be effective June 27 for staff paid bi-weekly and July 1 for staff paid monthly. For policy-covered faculty, the adjustment to the academic salary scales will be effective Oct. 1. [Italics added.]
We know our faculty and staff have faced daunting personal and professional challenges in the last 14 months, yet you have maintained a level of dedication to excellence that has kept our university at the forefront of education, research and service. We are grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge your contributions to UCLA, particularly as we were unable to provide the typical merit increases to staff last year.

Guidelines and eligibility criteria for policy-covered staff are available on the Campus Human Resources website. Eligibility criteria for faculty will be shared in the near future. Please note that this increase does not apply to exclusively represented employees and academic personnel who are receiving separate increases in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or meeting-and-conferring under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.
Staff may reach out with any questions to Campus Human Resources Compensation Services at 310-794-0890 or UCLA Health Human Resources at 310-794-0500. Faculty may direct inquiries to the Academic Personnel Office.
After an exceptionally difficult year, we hope that this positive news serves to lift spirits and bolster our shared resolve as we work toward our broader return to campus this fall. Thank you for your continued commitment to UCLA and to one another.
Gene D. Block
Emily A. Carter
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Note: "Policy-covered" refers to individuals not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. As noted on this blog, a similar letter went out on Monday from the UC prez: 

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