Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Listen to Regents' Public Engagement & Development meeting of Oct. 6, 2020

The Regents' Public Engagement and Development Committee met yesterday with the subject largely being alumni relations. Public comments, however, dealt with animal agriculture, the Hawaiian telesceope police, nurse staffing and PPE supplies, and President Drake when he was at UC-Irvine.

After the public comments, Drake referenced the two Nobel prizes awarded to Berkeley and UCLA faculty. After his brief remarks, the alumni topic was discussed involving engagement, fund raising, and campus activities.

There was some review of California budget matters related to federal and state actions. It was noted that the state budget enacted last June contained a provision for a restoration of certain funding, including for UC, if Congress provided sufficient money to the state by October 15. It appears that such funding will not be forthcoming by that deadline. However, it was noted that if funding came later, the state legislature could in some way respond when it comes back into session.

You can hear the Committee at the link below:

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