Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Listen to the Regents' Health Services Committee Meeting of August 13, 2019

The Regents' Health Services Committee met yesterday at UCLA. As usual, we have archived the audio since the Regents preserve their recordings for only one year. The public comment period was devoted to two subjects: chronic fatigue syndrome* and union issues related to today's planned walkout.**

At the meeting, the retirement of Dr. John Stobo as EVC of UC Health was acknowledged. When pay issues related to health execs were discussed, the general topic of pay inequality arose. Essentially, top execs were being compared with more typical UC employees. In the course of the discussion, there seemed to be confusion between the meaning of "anecdotes" versus "antidotes." (Well, it is the health committee!)

The topic turned to discussion of various programs to promote diversity in the health professions, mental health services (including funding issues for such services), retreat topics for the fall, and growth of the health enterprise relative to the rest of the university.

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