Wednesday, December 21, 2016

UC Cybersecurity

The head of IT for UC has announced a systemwide deal for cybersecurity with a Silicon Valley company called FireEye:

Systemwide deal for cybersecurity
The campuses and health systems together chose a technology partner, FireEye, to assist in modernizing UC’s cybersecurity landscape. After intense negotiations, UC locations can now leverage FireEye’s full portfolio of offerings. Locations also collaborated to determine minimum standards for deployment. This is the power of working together to achieve more for all, in this case, greater protection of the University and its assets...*
According to FireEye's latest (2015) annual report, everything is going great except that it's losing money continually.** But not to worry. What could possibly go wrong? Right?
**  (You have to poke around to find reference to the losses. But go to {file} page 142 {which shows page number 54} to see losses in the $500 million range for 2015.)

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