Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The University of California is the biggest source of cash for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.
Individuals affiliated with the University of California system gave nearly $1.2 million to Clinton’s campaign committee, the largest bloc of contributions she received for her presidential run.
The second biggest giver to Clinton was another California entity, Alphabet Inc., the Mountain View-based parent company of Google. Donors associated with Alphabet gave Clinton $1.1 million
People affiliated with Stanford University came in seventh on the list of biggest contributors to Clinton’s campaign committee, giving $565,000. Californians also took the eighth spot among the biggest donors, with contributors from Cupertino-based Apple giving more than $519,000.
Californians were much less generous with the Donald Trump campaign. People affiliated with the San Francisco-headquartered international banking and finance firm Wells Fargo were the fifth largest bloc of donors to Trump’s campaign committee – but gave just $41,500.
The totals represent money given to the campaigns, not to outside super PACs backing the candidates.

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