Tuesday, October 25, 2016

There seems to be a house cleaning at Berkeley...

...starting with Chancellor Dirks. From the Daily Cal: When former vice chancellor for real estate Bob Lalanne resigned last month, campus spokesperson Roqua Montez called the resignation “his choice.” But an emailed statement from Lalanne at the time of his resignation shows that administrators’ move to eliminate the vice chancellorship prompted Lalanne’s resignation — not the other way around.
In the statement — sent to campus trustees, donors and deans, and obtained by The Daily Californian — Lalanne said Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and other campus leaders told him that his position would be eliminated to reduce the size of the administration. In place of the vice chancellorship, Lalanne was offered a position as an adviser on campus real estate projects. Lalanne declined the offer and then summarily resigned.
Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof confirmed that Lalanne’s position was eliminated and that he was offered an alternative role.
“There was not a choice (to remain as vice chancellor),” Mogulof said. “He could not remain in a position that was eliminated.”...
Lalanne is the ninth high-level administrator to resign — or announce the intent to resign or retire — in the past year. The list includes Dirks, former provost and executive vice chancellor Claude Steele and former vice chancellor for administration and finance John WiltonPreviously unreported, former associate vice chancellor for communications and public affairs Claire Holmes left the school in September.
The administrative tumult was cited by Lalanne as one of the contributing causes of his resignation....

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